Purchasing, owning and managing Commercial Residential Property can be a daunting task.

Here at Camelot we simplify the process for each and every owner and develop a unique plan for each property.

Managing the day to day operations is just such a small part of Commercial Residential Property Management. Understanding the needs and goals of the owner, the requirements of the local government, documenting all license and safety requirements, completing annual inspections, reducing monthly and annual costs, increasing rents, decreasing annual expenditures by developing maintenance procedures, hurricane preparedness manuals, etc.. are a just a few of the important pieces to effectively manage these properties.

Camelot will work with ownership, complete a property assessment, develop a unit and building standard and a timeline for each. By completing this we can effectively budget any pending improvements, future capital improvements and the required 40-year inspections. Having a unit and building standard allows Camelot to better plan for each, reduce costs and develop a more stringent timeline in order to turn over units after move-outs and increase revenues by using minimal time to complete all renovations. This allows Camelot to provide pending tenants a timeframe for their move-in and the work to be completed to their unit prior to them taking possession.

Reviewing all current costs and continually focusing on reducing or maintaining those costs is key to a successful community, property or single building. We review the annual costs with the owner, provide feedback and advice on how to reduce any annual costs along with the ability to increase rents with future renovations.

Keeping our owners up to day on the progress of the building, the monthly statements, rent roles, cash flows, pending maintenance items, emergency repairs, timely owner payments is all part of what Camelot provides to each and every owner.

If your building is not meeting your expectations, you have just purchased a building and/or are looking to see how your property may become more profitable, please contact one of our Property Management Professionals for further information.

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