Portfolio Services

Camelot Property Management & Real Estate Services, Inc. can provide these additional services at our client’s request. We understand Owning & Managing Real Estate is just part of what it takes to be successful in today’s ever changing market. We know the importance of providing additional services to our clients that will help them make the right decisions during their ownership. These services may also be utilized when a client is looking to acquire additional properties or liquidate the ones they already own.

Risk Management Analysis:

Risk is defined as an event that has the probability of occurring, and could have either a positive or negative impact to a project should that risk occur. A risk may have one or more causes and, if it occurs, one or more impacts. The risk event is that the permitting agency may take longer than planned to issue a permit, or the assigned personnel available and assigned may not be adequate for the activity. If either of these uncertain events occurs, there may be an impact on the project cost, schedule or performance. All projects assume some element of risk, and it’s through risk management where tools and techniques are applied to monitor and track those events that have the potential to impact the outcome of the project.

Camelot works along with our clients to identify the risk in managing and maintaining their properties. We start by indentifying their exposure, developing a risk assessment analysis, which identifies the scope of the project, costs, schedule and quality of workmanship. From this, a timeline and/or a schedule is laid out that meets our client’s expectations and budget. We develop a Quality Control system to make sure every detail is covered and a contingency has been included. By properly documenting and managing these and other projects we help our owners develop a more valuable asset that has been properly managed and maintained.

Emergency Preparedness Plans:

Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, and for the most part can be handled on a daily basis with your current staff and tools in place. Additional factors can play heavily on your preparedness when it comes to either a major or minor event. Location of your property is the most critical factor in any true emergency plan. Whether, you are in Hurricane Alley, Tornado Country, Blizzard or Earthquake zones, it is important to understand the needs of that area and what services will and may be affected.

Camelot can develop a plan to provide emergency services, utility services, security for your buildings and/or your tenants, along with a detailed checklist to return the property back to profitability as quickly as possible. We can contract with different organizations on your behalf to repair and replace any and all items that are required to bring the property back up to code and functionality. Camelot will work with the insurance companies to mitigate all claims on your behalf and verify all work is completed in a timely manner and that all current buildings codes are met.

Asset Class Valuation (CMA):

Real Estate is a large and expensive investment. In order to get the most for your return, it is important to not over improve or under improve your property. An asset valuation will help the owner identify what their competition is doing with similar properties and allow them to make educated decisions on which improvements will net them the highest returns. This document will show them occupancy in the same vicinity, giving them a comparable rent analysis, provide a breakdown of apartment (units), retail or strip mall and/or office tenants. Owner’s can compare CAM charges, and other tenant fees that are being charged by the competition.

Project Management for Property & Site Improvements/Site Development Planning:

Property renovations and upgrades can prove to be a daunting task if they are not properly planned and executed. As a New Jersey Licensed Developer and Builder (License #:032838) we have developed thousands of square feet of both Residential and Commercial buildings. These many projects have provided us the experience to help our clients develop and improve their properties. Camelot along with our clients will develop an RFP for the work requested; we will then submit these plans to the appropriate vendors for pricing and answer any questions they may have.

Upon the selection of the successful vendor that has been mutually agreed upon, Camelot will work with them to make sure all work meets both local and state codes, along with any federal guidelines. After all work is completed we shall provide the owner with all documentation for their records, either digitally or physically.

Another important part of Project Management is site improvements and development. The property may need upgrades in order to contend with changes in the local codes or is experiencing physical deterioration or functional obsolescence. We can work hand in hand with the engineers and architects on our client’s behalf to help bring about the best features of the property and bring a marketing point of view to each project.

Site Assessment & Relocation Services:

Choosing the right location for your business may be one of the most important things a business owner or company ever does. There are many factors that go into choosing this location. Camelot works with you, to understand your needs, the demographics of your potential customers, type of space sought, terms, tenant improvements (TI), daily traffic counts & expectations, current sales figures of other tenants, facility utility requirements, access and storage, etc.. We are confident we can find the best location to suit your current and future needs. Please contact us for further information.

Property Tax Reduction and Insurance Review Services:

Camelot prides itself on partnering with industry leaders and through those partnerships we bring opportunities to our clients. Taxes and Insurance are the two biggest expenses in owning properties, our goal is to continually increase profits and reduce risk. We accomplish this goal by actively reviewing these expenditures on an annual basis, reducing costs when necessary, while maintaining increased coverage. We work with our clients and our partner firms to find the most optimal solution for their current and future needs.