Property Maintenance

We don’t hire handymen!

We employ a professional staff of maintenance personnel to work on your property.”

Property Maintenance is an integral part of properly managing the day to day operations of every type of property. First impressions are sometimes the only impression a potential tenant has of a property. We pride ourselves on maintaining our client’s properties to the same level we maintain our own.

Understanding our client’s goals for present and the future helps Camelot design a road map for success. During our initial engagement we discuss in detail how maintenance is to be handled, how much of the reserves are to be set aside for property improvements and an emergency fund is established for those unforeseen events that come up from time to time.

Upon signing a contract to manage our client’s property, Camelot reviews the property and provides a Property Maintenance Checklist. We use this checklist to establish what condition we took over the property. We then offer suggestions how we may improve the property on a short and long term basis. A well maintained property can enjoy increased rents over its lifetime and attract more stable tenants. This increases the profit to the owner and reduces vacancies and other potential issues that come along with vacant properties.


Tenant Make Ready (TMR):

Quick turn-over is an essential part of our Single & Multi-Family property owner’s daily business. It is important to have the homes or unit(s) ready as quickly as possible while still maintaining the standards of the community to which we rent. Camelot works with all of our clients to establish a check list for their individual units and entire properties. Once we establish this list with the client, we verify it every time prior to turning the unit over to the new tenant. We also complete a walkthrough with the tenant that he or she signs and is added to their permanent record in case any future issues arise. These services are provided on a time and materials basis in order to keep the costs to a minimum.

Below is a few of the many important areas of Property Maintenance that we manage for clients.

  • Exterior Property Areas
  • Exterior Structures
  • Rubbish and Garbage
  • Lighting
  • Occupancy Limitations
  • Minimum Square Feet
  • Plumbing Facilities & Fixture Requirements
  • Sanitary Drainage System
  • Mechanical and Electrical Requirements
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Fire Safety Requirements & Protection
  • Means of Egress
  • Swimming Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs
  • Interior Structure
  • Regular on-site inspections
  • Extermination
  • Ventilation
  • Bedroom Regulations
  • Water System
  • Storm Drainage
  • Plumbing Systems and Fixtures
  • Heating & A/C Facilities
  • Electrical Facilities & Equipment
  • Fire-Resistance Ratings