Single Family

Finding the tenant for a single family home is just the first step in property management. Completing a full background check, matching their application with our individual criteria for each property and verify all the information is correct is one of the most important pieces in professionally managing any property. Understanding the needs and goals of our owners and helping them realize the full rental potential is key to both the success of the owner and Camelot.

We complete a thorough walk thru for each property in order to establish a baseline for the current condition prior to the tenant moving in, along with one at the end of the occupancy. Camelot then develops a maintenance schedule in order to ensure all systems and properties are being maintained in accordance with our owner’s specifications.

Collections of rents and providing monthly statements are just a part of the monthly services provided. Resolving tenant issues for payments, maintenance, emergencies, etc. are just a few of the daily duties performed by Camelot. Scheduling vendors, maintenance, inspections are also part of the daily requirements for any single family property.

Camelot works to simplify the process for each and every owner no matter how many properties they have. We pride ourselves on providing the best properties here in South Florida and maintaining a professional relationship with our owners and their tenants.

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