“We provide professional property management services to our clients and their clients.”

Multi Family Condo

Multi-Family Condo

Purchasing, owning and managing Commercial Residential Property can be a daunting task. At Camelot we simplify the process for each and every owner and develop a unique plan for each property. Managing the day to day operations is just such a small part of Commercial Residential Property Management. There are many things that go into managing a multi-family property. We will work with ownership, complete a property assessment, develop a unit & building standard and a timeline for each.

Single Family

Single Family

Finding the tenant for a single family home is just the first step in property management. Completing a full background check, matching their application with our individual criteria for each property and verify all the information is correct is one of the most important pieces in professionally managing any property. Understanding the needs and goals of our owners and helping them realize the full rental potential is key to both the success of the owner and Camelot.

Retail Shopping Centers

Retail Shopping Centers

Retail Shopping Centers can produce some of the highest returns in Real Estate Industry. These properties can also cost you the most in lost revenue if you don’t have the right tenants and leases. Camelot works on behalf of each owner to understand their investment strategies and find tenants who meet their criteria. Working on our owner’s behalf for all lease negotiations, tenant improvements, understanding site conditions and or city requirements as well as zoning issues help make each tenant placement a successful one.

Commercial Medical Office

Commercial/Medical Office

Medical Office requires a special understanding of the Physicians and their patient’s needs. The ability to have proper equipment, electric power requirements, access for their patients, ADA facilities and so forth. Having a Property Manager who understands the needs of these professionals and their patients is a must to be successful in this highly competitive industry. Camelot has the staff with the in-depth knowledge to work with these professionals to negotiate their leases, assist in space layout and all ADA requirements.

Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

Camelot Property Management & Real Estate Services, Inc. is a full service licensed New Jersey and Florida Real Estate Brokerage firm. Camelot has almost 20 years experience in property acquisitions. We assist our clients in locating all types of properties depending on their needs and portfolios. We help our clients find the property that not only meets their financial goals, but that have the most potential for future growth and appreciation. Most Real Estate firms want to list your property, we don’t. We want to fully lease or sell your property.

Portfolio Services

Portfolio Services

Camelot Property Management & Real Estate Services, Inc. can provide additional services at our client’s request. We understand Owning & Managing Real Estate is just part of what it takes to be successful in today’s ever changing market. These services include risk management analysis, emergency management plans, asset class valuation, Project Management for Property & Site Improvements/Site Development Planning, site assessment and relocation services and property tax reduction and insurance review services.

Property Maintenance

Property manager florida

Property Maintenance is an integral part of properly managing the day to day operations of every type of property. First impressions are sometimes the only impression a potential tenant has of a property. We pride ourselves on maintaining our client’s properties to the same level we maintain our own. Understanding our client’s goals for present and the future helps Camelot design a road map for success. During our initial engagement we discuss in detail how maintenance is to be handled, how much of the reserves are to be set aside for property improvements and an emergency fund is established for those unforeseen events that come up from time to time. Learn more.

Camelot Property Management & Real Estate Services, Inc. has developed a unique approach to Property Management and Real Estate investing. These include different styles of management which incorporate Management by Objectives (MBO), Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma. Together, we take the best of each of these theories and apply them to our daily work life in order to get the most out of each employee and properly maintain each property, and intern increase profits for each individual owner.

Camelot promotes participation in the decision making process in order to reduce costs and increase the bottom line. We establish explicit timelines for each project that either meets or exceeds the owner’s objectives. We are Quality and Customer Focused, team driven, constantly measuring our performance by acquiring feedback from our owners and tenants. Camelot then analyzes the information and attempts to eliminate errors in the future by understanding what happened and how we can improve the process in the future. Camelot strives to build long term relationships with our owners and tenants; we do this by focusing on their needs, effectively managing their concerns while properly resolving their issues.

Rent ManagerSoftware plays a key role in accounting, property maintenance, marketing and leasing of all of our properties, whether they are Commercial or Residential. This industry leading software can be accessed from anywhere via the internet. Our clients and their clients have real time access to account information anytime they choose. The owner’s can get up to the minute statistics on their property and the tenants can pay their rent any time of day and/or fill out a service request on-line for issues they may be experiencing.

As a committed partnership between Camelot, our owners and their tenants, we can effectively and efficiently manage their properties and produce the results they are both looking for.

Camelot looks forward to developing a long term relationship with you. Please call the location nearest you in order to discuss how we can help you meet your Real Estate needs.